My Platform

I am not a politician, I am a mother committed to my community and dedicated to youth.

As a member of the Milwaukee Public School board I plan to build:

  • Transparency: Provide greater transparency by bringing information directly to the community and to respond with clarity reflecting the needs and goals of our community.
  • Empowerment: Investing in our students, parents and teachers rights to participate in the determination of policies that meets the needs of District 3.
  • Uplift:  Advocate for building an inclusive school culture that respects diversity and the social-emotional needs of both the teacher and the students.


My Commitment

I am committed to listening session with parents, students, and members of the community, seeking their input on developing a quality education for every MPS student. I would like to place an emphasis on students as they are often voiceless in this equation.

I am committed to listening to employees of the district as their concerns and ideas must be addressed to establish the best educational culture for our youth. 

I am committed to collaborating with other board members to ensure that we set policies that meet the needs of the 5 Priorities of Success Model; however, I will press that this model includes feedback from parents, students, teachers and members of the community at all levels.

I am committed to working with leaders across the community to redefine “success” for MPS students. Standardized tests should not be the main indicator of performance.