Dear Neighbors, Family & Friends:

I am pleased to announce that I am running for School Board. I want to be your voice in ensuring Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) develops forward-thinking solutions to our budget, creates innovative programs for our children and supports policies that increase student achievement. We must strengthen community engagement to propel our students into a bright future. As a parent of an MPS student, as a volunteer in MPS classroom, as an adviser working with teachers and administrators, and as a connector for the business community I have seen first-hand the real issues impacting our schools. It is out of that concern for our children that I decided to step up to the challenge and run for School Board. District 3 and all of the MPS deserves leadership that understands the needs of the students, parents, teachers and our community to allocate resources that will effectively impact student achievement.

There is no better gift we can offer our children than a quality education. When elected to the Milwaukee Public School Board, I will represent you as a parent and I will advocate for our community ensuring the curriculum, governance, policies, and administration reflect our values and make sure the needs of all of our children come first.  I would be honored to have your support. 


Contact Information:

Catrina Crane



Facebook: @CraneforMPSDistrict3


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